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Subway Clash 2

In a hidden metro station somewhere in the communist USSR the rebellious army wing attempts to carry out a terrorist attack and the Subway Clash 2 begins! To protect the unsuspecting innocent civilians above ground, you must score more kills than the opposing troops in a team deathmatch battle for survival.

This fast-paced third-person shooter features adrenaline-packed gameplay, great map design, awesome graphics, and epic music. There are four weapons in your arsenal to try out: AK-47, sniper rifle, shotgun, and rocket launcher. Learn the map inside out and move as a well-organized unit with your teammates to dominate the battlefield! 

How to play Subway Clash 2

The map isn’t too big so in the first couple of matches focus on getting to know it better and identify the advantageous positions. If you prefer sniping your opponents from afar, you may want to consider splitting from your teammates, but in all other cases, you’ll achieve more success while moving as a tightly packed group.

The third-person perspective allows you to scout the situation on the battlefield without putting yourself in imminent danger. Duck behind crates and use natural covers to protect yourself when outnumbered to improve your chances of survival until the rest of your team comes to the rescue.

What are the controls for Subway Clash 2?

You can play Subway Clash 2 on both PC and mobile devices. All the control buttons are easily discerned on mobile, and the PC controls are shown in the list below:

  • Shoot — Left mouse button
  • Zoom in (aim) — Right mouse button
  • Move — WASD 
  • Jump — Space
  • Crouch — C
  • Unlock cursor — L
  • Throw grenade — G
  • Switch weapons — 1-4 keys


  • A 3-minute round team deathmatch third-person shooter
  • The clash between army fractions in a secluded USSR subway
  • Fast-paced gameplay, epic music, and great graphics

Release date

November 2021


Freeway Interactive


All devices

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