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The Sniper Code

The Sniper Code is an addictive shooting game where you can showcase your sniper skills by eliminating targets at long distances. As the best sniper in town, you will accomplish a given mission to earn stars and collect coins. Also, play strategically to save your bullets and invest in weapon upgrades.

With a witty stickman design, interesting tasks, and smooth gameplay, The Sniper Code is an ideal game for those who need to kill time and have fun. Make sure you read the task carefully before each mission and improve your accuracy. The game gets more and more challenging as you move on!

How to play Sniper Code

Sniper Code may be a harder game than it looks. Keep that in mind while you overcome the objectives throughout thirty levels of the game. At every level, be aware of the number of bullets you have for the mission. Follow the instructions closely to earn stars and coins. Your rewards are determined by your shot quality and the amount of time it takes you to accomplish the mission. 

There is much more than killing all enemies as the task occasionally requires you to take down the commander, put out the lights, or shoot other surrounding objects instead. Sometimes, you also have to run to a new position as well. Moreover, you will get more points by making headshots, so stay focused and aim accurately!

What are the controls for The Sniper Code?

The Sniper Code is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. For controls, move your cursor to aim at the target, then left-click your mouse or tap the shot icon on your phone to shoot.


  • Challenging yet fascinating missions across thirty levels
  • Fun 2D stickman target and sound effects when shooting
  • Take advantage of weapons and special powers available in store

Release date

July 2021




All devices

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