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Game Tower Defense preview
Game Tower Defense preview

Tower Defense

Tower Defense

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Tower Defense

In Tower Defense, your objective is to defend your castle by thoughtfully placing a variety of defensive towers along its path. These towers can include archers, magicians, orbs, lasers, and more, each offering unique capabilities and challenges. Since every tower type has distinct strengths, weaknesses, and costs, strategic planning is crucial for deciding both the composition of your defenses and their placement. This approach ensures a layered and engaging gameplay experience.

How to play Tower Defense?

The key to success in Tower Defense lies in strategic planning rather than quick reflexes. You'll need to decide which type of tower to deploy, considering their unique capabilities and limitations. Towers can be upgraded, sold, or replaced throughout the game. Some towers may deal high damage but have a slower reload time, while others might offer a long range with less damage, and so forth.

Your strategic choices will dictate the outcome of each invasion you face.

What are the controls for Tower Defense?

  • Mouse: Use the mouse to interact with the game and select in-game menus.
  • Touch: If playing on a device with a touchscreen, you can use your finger to interact with the game and navigate through the menus.


  • Strategic gameplay with various tower types
  • Upgrade and sell towers for better defense
  • Towers with unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Suitable for strategic minds

Release date

March 2024


Inlogic Software


All devices

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