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World of War Tanks


World of War Tanks

Enjoy the epic action-packed tank battles across multiple maps and game modes in World of War Tanks! This awesome game features historically accurate representations of World War II tanks, amazing 3D graphics, and highly entertaining gameplay. The AI opponents are quite unforgiving, and you must maneuver your tank skillfully to avoid getting blown to pieces. You can complete Missions, test how long you can prevail in the Survival, or Fight 5 on 5, across Polygon, City, and Desert maps. There are up to 12 unique tanks to unlock and upgrade, so you surely won’t get bored of this game anytime soon.

How to play World of War Tanks

The fun part of playing a tank battle simulation is that it combines both driving and shooting. In this game, finding cover and staying safe is of the utmost importance, so ensure to put an emphasis on driving. If the opponents have you in sight without decent cover for more than a few seconds, they’ll rarely miss.

When it comes to shooting, it takes quite some time for your turret to turn and lock in on the target. Use the third-person camera to your advantage to scout the position of enemy tanks. Once you’ve spotted a rival, stay behind the cover and start aiming. Move forward just enough so you can deliver the lethal round and drive back to the safe spot immediately.

What are the controls for World of War Tanks?

You can play World of War Tanks on both PC and mobile. All the controls are easily discerned in the interface on touchscreen devices. On PC, use WASD or arrow keys to drive, the left mouse button to shoot, and move the mouse to aim.


  • Epic 3D tank battles
  • Up to 3 different maps and game modes
  • 12 World War II tanks to unlock and upgrade

March 2023


Cross platform