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Game Amazing Dominoes preview
Game Amazing Dominoes preview

Amazing Dominoes

Amazing Dominoes

Theatre mode
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Amazing Dominoes

Amazing Dominoes is a truly incredible classic tabletop game for up to 4 players featuring 5 different Game modes, an extensive How to play Dominoes guide and addictive gameplay. Win stars to unlock fresh Stones and Backgrounds Themes, keep track of your Statistics, and climb the Rankings.

Catchy sound effects, relaxing music, and vivid 2D graphics make this tabletop game highly immersive and enjoyable. While the rules are slightly different in each of the Game modes, they’re really easy to pick up, and the gameplay essentials remain constant throughout them all.

How to play Amazing Dominoes

You can adjust the Game Type, number of players, and Play until the threshold after clicking on the New game in the Game Settings menu. If you’re a new player and need to learn How to play Dominoes, click the “?” icon in the bottom left of your screen.

Ideally, you want to get rid of stones in your hand whenever it’s your turn to play, which is nigh impossible to do. To increase your chances of achieving this, you want to create multiple stone placement options available.

When your opponents have only a couple of pieces in their hands, you want to keep track of the numbers that force them to pass the turn. It’s usually best to get rid of the stones with the highest number of pips at the start of the game.

What are the controls for Amazing Dominoes?

You can play Amazing Dominoes on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to select the stone to play and determine its possible position in the system on the table.


  • Immersive simulation of the classic tabletop game
  • Great music, graphics, and sound effects
  • Up to 5 different Game Modes
  • Extensive How to play Dominoes guide

Release date

May 2021


Amazing Hedgehog Studio


All devices

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