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Game Sift Heads 5 preview
Game Sift Heads 5 preview

Sift Heads 5

Sift Heads 5

Theatre mode
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Sift Heads 5

Sift Heads 5 takes the Sift Heads series to a new level with its action-packed gameplay. In this game, you play as Vinnie, a character who excels in "sifting heads". The game is set against a backdrop of intense missions, including a storyline where a deadly assassin crosses Vinnie's path, driven by revenge.

How to play Sift Heads 5?

In Sift Heads 5, you engage in a series of 20 challenging missions, which involve shooter action, character interaction, and sniping. The game is known for its engaging plot and high level of interaction with the environment and characters.

What are the controls for Sift Heads 5?

  • Mouse: Aim and shoot in aggressive mode, move in passive mode
  • Spacebar: Switch between aggressive and passive mode


  • 20 intense missions with an engaging storyline
  • A combination of up-close shooter action and sniping modes
  • A wide variety of weapons and custom clothing options
  • The ability to switch between aggressive and passive modes for different strategies

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Release date

February 2024





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