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Sift Heads 4

Sift Heads 4 offers an exhilarating shooting experience, where you travel globally to complete various sniper missions. This installment follows the story of Vinnie, who, after clearing the streets of Chicago, embarks on a global mission spree.

How to play Sift Heads 4?

In Sift Heads 4, your role as Vinnie is to complete sniping missions around the world. The game demands precision shooting and strategic planning to take down targets and earn rewards.

What are the controls for Sift Heads 4?

  • Mouse: Aim and shoot the targets
  • Click and Arrow Keys: Additional interactions and movements


  • Global mission-based gameplay
  • Challenging sniping missions requiring precision and strategy
  • Stickman graphic style for an immersive experience
  • Flash-based game, ensuring compatibility with modern web browsers

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Release date

February 2024





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