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Sift Heads 3

Sift Heads 3 shifts gears from the previous sniper-centric gameplay to a more action-packed fighting game. You return as the character Vinnie, engaging in intense combat, taking down enemies through various means.

How to play Sift Heads 3?

In this installment, you need to solve puzzles, fight, and shoot your way through challenges. The game requires a blend of strategic thinking and quick reflexes, as you navigate Vinnie through his missions.

What are the controls for Sift Heads 3?

  • WASD: Move and jump, S to block
  • Left-click: Shoot and attack
  • E: Reload
  • Q: Switch weapons


  • Transition to a more combat-focused gameplay
  • Puzzles and strategic elements integrated with action
  • Enhanced character control with movement, jumping, and blocking
  • Flash-based game for a nostalgic gaming experience

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Release date

February 2024





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