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Sift Heads World Ultimatum

Sift Heads World Ultimatum is an exquisite 2D action game with immersive storytelling, great music, amazing animations, and excellent gameplay. The two brothers, Kiro and Kienji, are members of the Yakuza, and you must help them out in the ruthless war for supremacy against their archrivals — the Triads. Each stage you complete is followed by a gorgeously created cinematic, which unfolds another piece of the plot and keeps you glued to your seat.

Across many action-packed Chapters, you’ll mostly hack-and-slash your enemies, but that’s not all there is to the gameplay. Certain stages will test not only your dexterity but also your problem-solving abilities. You can complete a dozen Achievements, purchase weapon Upgrades, and even enter Cheats if you find the game too challenging.

How to play Sift Heads World Ultimatum

The best way to assassinate your rivals is to sneak up on them, but this won’t always be possible. The grab ability will one-shot an enemy, but you must be able to ambush them to perform this action.

If you’re fighting at a numbers disadvantage, try to position your character so Katana and Kama Blade swings hit multiple opponents. Make sure to block incoming attacks and use the momentum to counterattack. 

Heavy attacks may incapacitate your opponents briefly, but they also take longer to perform, leaving you vulnerable. You can often safely use it while jumping to land on your enemies with a devastating blow.

What are the controls for Sift Heads World Ultimatum?

You can play Sift Heads World Ultimatum exclusively in a PC browser.

  • Arrow key up — jump
  • Arrow keys left/right — move
  • Arrow key down — parry
  • X — attack
  • Z — heavy attack
  • C — grab
  • P — pause


  • An exquisite adrenaline-packed 2D ninja hack-and-slash
  • An immersive story accompanied by great cinematics
  • Eye-catching graphics and fighting animations

Release date

May 2023




All devices

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