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Game Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense preview
Game Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense preview

Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense

Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense

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Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense

Protect the medieval fortress from the hordes of invading attackers in Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense! The fellow citizens are relying on your marksmanship skills to defend the settlement from the aggressors, and the pressure is on! Climb the city walls, use the tower protection to your advantage, steady your aim, and shoot them down!

There are up to 30 levels to complete in the campaign, and new enemy classes are introduced as you progress through the game. The gameplay is immersive, music and sound effects fit the atmosphere perfectly, and the waves of invaders are gradually getting bigger and stronger.

How to play Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense

Each arrow fired follows a parabolic trajectory, so it’s not enough to aim directly at your target to land the killing blow. You must compensate for each shot by pulling the bowstring to fire off faster projectiles and aiming slightly above your target.

You’ll have better chances to hit the target if you position your character in the best possible spot on the wall. All the invaders rush toward the castle gate, so standing directly above it often provides the optimal firing angle. If the attackers have already reached the gate, move around the wall until you’re in a position to take an unobstructed shot.

What are the controls for Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense?

Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense is exclusively playable in a PC browser.

  • Movement — WASD/arrow keys
  • Jump/Climb the ladder — spacebar
  • Equip the bow — E
  • Shoot — left mouse button
  • Aim — hold the right mouse button
  • Pull the bowstring — hold the left and right mouse buttons
  • Zoom in/out — mouse scroll up/down


  • Third-person shooting archery game
  • A heroic attempt to defend the fortress on your own
  • Exciting gameplay featuring 30 levels

Release date

July 2019





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