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Game Archery Master preview
Game Archery Master preview

Archery Master

Archery Master

Theatre mode
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9.2(12 votes)

Archery Master

Pull the bowstring and hold a steady aim to prove your marksmanship proficiency in Archery Master! You have a limited number of arrows to reach the required score and qualify for the next level. The targets are set at varying distances and won’t always remain stationary, which, combined with the inconsistent wind speeds, makes every level a unique challenge.

The realistic 3D graphics are quite immersive, and shooting each arrow triggers an epic slow-motion animation in which you’ll follow the shot’s trajectory from the first-person point of view. Remain focused and try your best to hit the bull’s eye every time!

How to play Archery Master

In its essence, this game is a 2D shooter, but keep in mind that it’s also a realistic archery simulation. This means that your aim won’t be completely steady but wobble around, so you must constantly compensate. It takes some time getting into, but if you’re willing to put in some effort it’s not really all that hard.

Besides aiming precisely, timely arrow release is an equally, if not even more, important skill to master. Prepare to shoot just before the scope aligns with the target and act decisively once this happens. Since it’s nearly impossible to stay locked in on a specific spot, it’s essential to use all the opportunities you’ve got.

What are the controls for Archery Master?

Even though we enjoyed playing Archery Master a bit more in a PC browser, you can play it for free on mobile, too. Click or tap to pull the bowstring, then hold and drag to aim at the target. Release at exactly the right moment to hit the bull’s eye.


  • An immersive 3D archery simulation
  • Limited amount of arrows to reach the required score
  • An amazing exercise of patience, precision, and timing

Release date

July 2023




All devices

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