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Atari Missile Command

Atari Missile Command is an intense arcade game where you have the responsibility of defending your city against an enemy attack. Use your ammunition tactically and neutralize all incoming attacks!

How to play Atari Missile Command?

Atari Missile Command is a game that requires quick reflexes and strategic planning. The objective of the game is to defend against the enemy attack and to protect your cities. Aim your missiles at the enemy attacks to take them down before they reach you. You’ll need to be dynamic in your planning as the missiles begin to move deceptively fast and sometimes even split into multiple projectiles. 

The points you gain each wave depends on the number of cities standing and the number of missiles you have left. Protecting both of these is essential as the game ends when you lose all your cities and you’re basically defenseless without your missiles.

What are the controls for Atari Missile


On desktop:

  • Use the left mouse button to shoot your missile.

On mobile:

  • Tap the screen to deploy your missile.


  • Minimalistic design. Atari Missile Command has a clean and simple design that attracts players of all experience levels to try the game out.
  • Progression system. As you move forward in the game, it becomes increasingly difficult to fend off your enemy's attacks. You’ll have to keep your reflexes sharp and plan ahead if you want to keep defending your cities.
  • Unique gameplay. Atari Missile Command provides a unique gaming experience in the arcade game genre. Protect your cities by neutralizing the enemy’s attacks and have a blast playing the game!

Release date

February 2021




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