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Blob Opera




Blob Opera

With Blob Opera, you can feel like a real singer. And it doesn't matter if you can do it in real life. In the game, you will find yourself on a large and bright opera stage. Your characters are funny multicolored blobs. The characters are animated and can stretch and move in all directions. At the same time, each character has the voice of an opera singer! Practice, learn how to control the characters in the game, and record your own masterpiece with Blob Opera! The game has another pleasant surprise for you: the option to change locations. Blob Opera can become a fun way to pass the time. Distract yourself from your everyday problems, create your own composition, and just laugh from the heart in the company of cute blobs!

How to play Blob Opera

To start with, the controls in the game are very simple. You do not need to run and jump anywhere. All you have to do is click on the character and hold down the mouse button when necessary. The last action is done to make the character sing longer. Each character has its own voice: soprano, mezzo-soprano, bass, and tenor. Your task is to change the tone and pitch of the note. On the screen, you'll see clues allowing you to control the singers effectively. It is possible to exclude a specific character from the composition. In addition, by clicking on the "note" button in the lower right corner, you'll find a list of iconic compositions. Choose any one, and the blobs will sing it for you. In the game Blob Opera there is an opportunity to send heroes on tour. Let's journey through the best opera halls!


  • No age limit.
  • Ability to create your own compositions and tell your friends about it.
  • Fun character design.

March 2023


Cross platform