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Bloons is an extraordinary 2D arcade shooting game featuring amazing sound effects, up to 50 unique levels, and challenging but also relaxing gameplay. The protagonist is a jolly ape who’s packing a handful of darts, and the objective in each level is to pop the required number of balloons with precise shots.

Several special balloons will trigger different effects once popped, which may either help you complete the objective or make your life even harder. Luckily, there’s an unlimited dart mode that allows you to figure out the methods to complete each of the levels without any restraints.

The simple and eye-catching 2D graphics in this game are designed to be especially appealing to kids, and this is exactly the type of game you’d be glad to see your child playing.

How to play Bloons

There are two things to have in mind if you want to pop balloons like a boss — the angle and the power of the ninja monkey’s dart throw. Objects thrown always follow a parabolic trajectory, so make sure to experiment with the force you apply to achieve the desired results. The names of each level offer a vague hint about what your game plan should be about, so pay attention to them. 

What are the controls for Bloons?

You can pop Bloons on PC and mobile devices alike. Use the mouse pointer on a PC or your finger on a touchscreen device to aim, click or tap, then hold to fill the power bar, and finally release at the right moment to perform that perfect throw.


  • A colorful and lively 2D arcade shooting game
  • Special balloons and different terrain tiles
  • Up to 50 levels featuring unique challenges
  • Perfectly suitable for kids and adults alike
  • A free practice unlimited darts mode

Release date

February 2023




All devices

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