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Bloons Tower Defense


Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower Defense is an epic tower defense game! Plan your defense strategically and burst all the bloons that spawn.


How to play Bloons Tower Defense?

Bloons Tower Defense is a game of strategy. You’ll start off with 650 gold to spend on towers, I recommend you buy dart towers and upgrade one of them to increase the range it shoots in. Optimal placements for placing the towers are at the start and end points. This’ll ensure that you have both your ends covered and no bloons can sneak out of your range.


Clear a few levels and get the piercing dart upgrade, it’ll come really handy when the blue bloons start spawning. There’ll come a point in the game where you won’t be able to keep winning with only dart towers, this is about the time when you’d want to start buying the more expensive towers. The tack tower is pretty neat and should be a good option to go for. If you want to maximize your efficiency, make sure you’re upgrading all your towers, and do not buy the ice tower before the bomb tower. This is to ensure that you do not end up wasting money and firepower which can be spent elsewhere.


What are the controls for Bloons Tower Defense?

The controls for Bloons Tower Defense are straightforward:

  • On desktop, use the left mouse button to click on the towers to purchase them and then choose a location to place them. You can also upgrade the towers by simply clicking on them and deciding what upgrades to get.
  • On mobile, you can just tap on the towers to purchase and then tap on a location to place them. You can upgrade them by tapping on them as well.



  • Game of strategy! Bloons Tower Defense is a game to be approached very strategically. This is to make sure you’re thinking about the tower placements and considering all your options.
  • Casual tower defense game! It’s a simplistic tower defense game with the goal of making sure the bloons stay in your range!
  • Upgrade system! You can upgrade your towers and maximize your chances of winning!

March 2023

Ninja Kiwi

Cross platform