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Game Carrom 2 Player preview
Game Carrom 2 Player preview

Carrom 2 Player

Carrom 2 Player

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Carrom 2 Player

Carrom 2 Player is a simplified version of the tabletop game that originated in India in the 18th century and gained worldwide popularity at the beginning of the early nineteen-hundreds. This awesome board game is nowadays played competitively, especially in Asian countries.

The playing board is square-shaped, and in the circle in the middle, there are 8 small discs called the Carrommen. Players take turns controlling a slightly bigger circular piece called the Striker. There are 4 pockets in each corner of the square-shaped board, and the goal of this 2-player hot-seat game is to pot 4 Carromen with precise strikes before your opponent.

How to play Carrom 2 Player

The first player to take a shot has to break the cluster. Regardless of your skill level, there’s always some luck involved when it comes to potting a Carrommen off the break. You may want to strategize about your first move (think snooker), but let's face it, most of the time, we just aim at the middle of the cluster at full power and hope for the best.

This simplified version of Carrom bears much resemblance to a game of online billiards, so if you ever played any, you won’t have much trouble getting used to it. Don’t forget to change the position of the Striker for an easier shot.

What are the controls for Carrom 2 Player?

You can play Carrom 2 Player with a friend on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap on the slider at the bottom of your screen, then hold and drag to position the Striker. Click or tap on the Striker once positioned, then hold and drag to determine the angle and power of your shot.


  • A simplified version of an awesome tabletop game
  • 2-player hot-seat competitive gameplay
  • The first player to pot 4 Carromen is the winner

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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