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Color Pixel Art Classic

Color Pixel Art Classic is a relaxing coloring game featuring a total of 152 pixelated drawings depicting various cute animals to replicate. In the beginning, the greyscale patterns may seem a bit dull, but as soon as you start painting, the vivid colors bring a new life to the initially bland images.

It takes time, patience, determination, and precision to complete even a single drawing, not to mention all of them. The entire process, however, is quite therapeutic and enjoyable for adults, and especially stimulating for kids. It’s an awesome casual game that will help you unwind while exercising fine motor skills.

How to play Color Pixel Art Classic

A number in each pixel of the drawing corresponds to the specific color in the palette. Once the color is selected, the numbers in the matching pixels get replaced with black squares, which makes the areas you need to paint more easily discerned.

There aren’t really any shortcuts or tricks in this game, and if you’re trying to complete the pixelated image as soon as possible, you’re probably doing it wrong. Patience is the key to success. Take your time, play at your own pace, and enjoy the coloring process.

What are the controls for Color Pixel Art Classic?

You can play Color Pixel Art Classic on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click on the palette to select a color and paint the corresponding square with it. Pinch your fingers to zoom in or out on mobile or use the mouse scroll on a PC device. Hold and drag to move over the image and explore additional colors from the palette. 


  • A therapeutically relaxing coloring game
  • Perfectly suitable for kids and adults alike
  • 152 pixelated images of cute animals to replicate

Release date

November 2021


Famobi GmbH


All devices

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