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Game Construction Ramp Jumping preview

Construction Ramp Jumping

Construction Ramp Jumping

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9.1(22 votes)

Construction Ramp Jumping

Welcome to the world of Construction Ramp Jumping, a physics-based simulation game that combines elements of construction with the thrill of stunt driving. In this game, you'll find yourself behind the wheel of various construction vehicles, tasked with the unique challenge of launching them off massive ramps. The game's blend of realistic physics and outrageous scenarios creates an amusing and addictive experience.

How to play Construction Ramp Jumping?

In Construction Ramp Jumping, your goal is to drive construction vehicles and launch them off ramps to achieve the farthest distance, highest altitude, or perform various stunts. You start by selecting a vehicle from a sweet range of powerful trucks. Each level presents with a different city and vehicle to drive. Balancing speed and trajectory is key to achieving the best jumps. You earn points based on the distance, stunts, and damage you inflict upon landing. These points can be used to upgrade your vehicles or unlock new ones.

What are the controls for Construction Ramp Jumping?

  • On desktop devices, use your left mouse button
  • On mobile devices tap on the screen


  • Multiple awesome trucks to jump with
  • Realistic physics engine for authentic vehicle behavior
  • Upgradable vehicles for improved jumping capabilities
  • Varied ramps and environments for diverse challenges
  • Progressive difficulty with each level
  • Cool and realistic destruction and crash physics

Release date

December 2023




All devices

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