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Game Cross Stitch preview
Game Cross Stitch preview

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch

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9.2(52 votes)

Cross Stitch

If you’re curious about knitting and enjoy drawing, Cross Stitch is the perfect game you’ve been looking for! There are dozens of cute templates depicting animals, flowers, girls, and many Christmas-themed decorations to replicate perfectly. The gameplay is casual and highly satisfying and as you’re progressing through the game the knitting patterns gradually become more lavish and complex.

Performing feats of remarkable craftsmanship requires a dedicated approach, and the key to success is having your eyes set on the end goal, but also enjoying the process of getting there. This game, just like knitting IRL, does a great job of teaching patience as an important virtue and that the most rewarding of achievements often take some time to complete.

How to play Cross Stitch

The colors a drawing is composed of are represented in the palette at the bottom of your screen. You’ll notice that each square on the knitting fabric is painted in grayscale colors, so you must use the letters to figure out which color corresponds to each tile.

Once you’ve knitted a thread of the corresponding color through the fabric, it can’t be replaced with the wrong one, so you can use this mechanic to your advantage. Pick the predominant color for each section, don’t worry too much about precision, and finally correct the mistakes made afterward.

What are the controls for Cross Stitch?

You can play Cross Stitch on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to select the color of your thread from the tab at the bottom of the screen, and then fill the squares marked with the corresponding letter until you’ve completed the knitting pattern.


  • An extraordinary mash-up of drawing and knitting
  • Incredibly relaxing and rewarding gameplay
  • Perfect game for both kids and adults
  • Dozens of knitting patterns to replicate perfectly

Release date

December 2022




All devices

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