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Endless Siege

Every day an Endless Siege breaks out in the forgotten realm of Orcs and Humans. It’s your duty to strategically place turrets to repel the ever-growing horde of greenskins in this truly epic tower-defense strategy game. Whether you’re a seasoned tactician or a newcomer to the genre, you’ll certainly enjoy every minute spent playing.

There are four turret types, an in-depth upgrade system, informative tooltips, and you’re defending on a new map every day. The graphics are done just right, the music is epic, and the gameplay is quite casual but also addictive. Set up an impregnable defense and squash the incoming swarms of petty Orcs before they’ve reached your doorstep.

How to play Endless Siege

You want to take a good look at the map before placing your first few turrets and starting the first round. A couple of turrets positioned perfectly and heavily upgraded are very efficient, and it’s the corners you want to pay special attention to in this game.

Here’s a quick rundown of the turret characteristics:

  • Ballista — fast-firing single-target arrow launcher
  • Torch — stronger but slightly slower single-target damage
  • Cannon — slow firing AoE damage
  • Time Warper — impairs incoming units

Each of the turret types can be upgraded to a level cap but also promoted to a higher tier. If you’ve found a sweet spot for any of the defensive structures, make sure to invest in costly upgrades because it’s well worth it. 

What are the controls for Endless Siege?

You can play Endless Siege on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to build, upgrade, or sell different types of turrets on available squares across the map.


  • An extraordinary Humans vs Orcs tower-defense game
  • Idle, casual, addictive, endless
  • 4 turret types, level, and tier upgrades
  • New map every day

Release date

March 2021




All devices

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