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If you’re looking for a relaxing and casual virtual fishing experience with cute 2D graphics and simple gameplay, Fishing.io is exactly the game you want! Catch a dozen unique fish specimens, reel out junk and unexpected treasures from the deep blue ocean, and claim the prizes in the Trophy Room!

The grinning bearded angler is on top of his game, and as soon as the fish is out of the water the cash starts flowing in. You can spend the hard-earned bucks to upgrade your bucket size, increase the fishing depth, and boost the fish price to exponentially increase your profits. 

How to play Fishing.io

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and you shouldn’t worry much about depleting these precious food resources in this game, unlike IRL. Once the fishing line is cast, it’s pretty easy to catch the maximum amount of fish before the hook reaches the surface.

The fish at greater depths are usually more valuable than those near the surface of the water, so try to catch as many as you can as soon as possible. Additionally, reeling the hook out is painfully slow unless you’ve reached the bucket-size cap.

The best way to invest the cash earned is to spread it somewhat evenly across all three upgrades. If an upgrade is too costly and seems hard to get, use the cash boost from the Trophy Room to purchase it.

What are the controls for Fishing.io?

Fishing.io is a casual mobile-optimized game, but you can play it in a PC browser as well. Tap or click to cast the fishing hook into the water, then hold and drag across your screen to catch a variety of fish and unexpected deep-sea treasures.


  • A relaxing 2D deep-sea fishing game
  • Dozens of unique fish specimens
  • Trophy Room cash rewards
  • Bucket size, depth, and fish price upgrades

Release date

July 2020


Inlogic Software


All devices

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