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Heavy Combat

Fight for the right cause by eliminating hostile terrorists and making sure that swift hand of justice prevails in the deadly world of Heavy Combat. This thrilling single-player action shooter features eye-catching 3D graphics, a total of 30 levels to complete across three different maps and captivating gameplay. By default, you’ll play from a third-person perspective, and you can always switch to the first-person if you prefer.

You’re a member of the special task forces undertaking clandestine missions, and there’s nobody around to help out. Always outnumbered yet never outgunned, the fate of the world as we know it is entirely in your hands. Remember your training and use all the tricks you’ve learned over the years to eliminate all threats and make things better!

How to play Heavy Combat

The missions available will have various objectives, such as eliminating all hostile forces, saving hostages, or defusing bombs. Whenever it’s possible, you want to take out a single enemy at a time to improve your chances of survival from a disadvantageous position.

Fortunately, your health will replenish if you avoid taking damage for a while, so do your best to exploit this game mechanic. Always stay near solid covers, reload your weapon before bigger fights, and pick up more powerful weapons from eliminated terrorists.

What are the controls for Heavy Combat?

Heavy Combat is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser.

  • Move — WASD keys
  • Shoot — Left mouse button
  • Zoom in — Right mouse button
  • Reload — R
  • Switch camera — C
  • Toggle sprint on/off — Shift
  • Crouch — Ctrl
  • Jump — Space
  • Pick up weapon/use items — F
  • Switch weapons — Mouse scroll or number keys


  • A thrilling 3D single-player shooter
  • Old Prison, Abandoned Factory, and Desert Town maps
  • A total of 30 missions (10 per each map)
  • Third-person (default) and first-person camera perspectives
  • Full-screen game mode and eye-catching graphics

Release date

November 2018





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