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Game Hero 3: Flying Robot preview
Game Hero 3: Flying Robot preview

Hero 3: Flying Robot

Hero 3: Flying Robot

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Hero 3: Flying Robot

Eradicate the thugs from the city using laser beams and homing missiles across dozens of progressively more challenging levels in Hero 3: Flying Robot! In this amazing third-person shooter you’ll get to fly around the city Ironman style and eliminate multiple threats while dodging bullets coming from all angles.

The controls are smooth and intuitive, and as soon as you start playing, flying feels as natural as walking. Amazing rock background music will get you pumped and ready for action, and while the graphics aren’t exactly top-tier, they’re well above decent. The gameplay feels really fluid, and before you know it, you’re fully immersed in the superhero role.

How to play Hero 3: Flying Robot

The very beginning of each level is usually the hardest part because all the enemy troops are still alive. There will be plenty of shots to avoid, but fortunately, there’s a red laser beam that signals the trajectory of each incoming bullet. To avoid taking excessive damage, you want to try and keep moving most of the time.

You have two extra powerful abilities with a reasonably short cooldown. Use them whenever they’re available because not doing it would be a waste of precious damage-dealing resources.

What are the controls for Hero 3: Flying Robot?

Unfortunately, Hero 3: Flying Robot is yet to be mobile optimized, and currently remains a PC browser exclusive. A keyboard and a mouse are required to play.

  • Move mouse — look around (aim)
  • WASD — move (across a horizontal plane)
  • Space — fly up
  • Ctrl — fly down
  • Shift — accelerated flight
  • Left mouse button — shoot 
  • Right mouse button — activate the laser beam
  • F — activate homing missiles
  • Tab — exit to the main menu


  • A superhero-styled third-person shooter
  • Awesome music and immersive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls and fluid animations

Release date

December 2021




All devices

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