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Hippo Supermarket

In Hippo Supermarket, you help Jack Ma, a lovable hippo, realize his dream of owning and managing a supermarket. This game is a delightful mix of resource management, match-3 puzzles, and idle gameplay. Your role is to merge items, manage the supermarket, and expand the business, all while keeping your inventory in check and fulfilling customer orders.

How to play Hippo Supermarket?

Your primary task in Hippo Supermarket is to assist Jack Ma in building and expanding his supermarket. This involves managing resources and merging items to create higher-level products. You'll start by merging simple items and gradually progress to more complex ones. Successful merging helps complete customer orders, earning coins which can be used to upgrade the supermarket, adding features like shelves and counters. You need to be strategic about managing your space and inventory. As you progress, the game introduces more challenges and opportunities to grow the supermarket, with the ultimate goal of turning it into a thriving business.

What are the controls for Hippo Supermarket?

  • Mouse: Click to select and merge items, navigate menus, and manage the supermarket. Drag items to merge them and interact with various elements of the game.
  • Mobile: Tap and swipe for similar actions as the mouse controls.


  • Engaging Merge Gameplay: Merge items to create new products and manage resources
  • Supermarket Simulation: Transform a warehouse into a bustling supermarket
  • Adorable Characters and Graphics: Enjoy the charming art style and characters like Jack Ma
  • Progressive Difficulty: As you level up, unlock new product categories and challenges
  • Resource Management: Strategically use space and resources for optimal growth
  • Daily Tasks and Rewards: Complete daily objectives for bonuses and upgrades

Release date

February 2024


Yizhiyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd.


All devices

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