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Game Into Space preview
Game Into Space preview

Into Space

Into Space

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Into Space

Once the government has granted you unlimited funding it’s high time to build the ultimate rocket that will take us Into Space, and eventually reach the surface of the Moon! This exquisite 2D spacecraft piloting simulation features humble yet eye-catching graphics, lengthy but rewarding progression, amazing music, and addictive gameplay.

You’re going to fail countless times, so even attempting this epic feat is not for the faint of heart. Upon each unsuccessful attempt you’ll earn cash that can be spent to upgrade the rocket’s mechanical components, as well as a couple of additional stats. Glory awaits those who dare to gradually work toward their goals and refuse to give up!

How to play Into Space 

During the flight, you’ll be able to pick up various bonuses that will earn you additional cash, restore fuel, or repair the damaged spacecraft. Hitting any of the objects except the beneficial ones will damage the hull but also slow you down on your path to the yet unreached heights.

You want to upgrade all the spacecraft’s components gradually. Completing Achievements grants a significant cash boost, which you can use to acquire the more expensive parts. Running into lightning clouds will turn off your engine, while flying through the gates will accelerate the craft.

To get the most out of every flight, you must use the fuel available and jet boosters efficiently. Figuring out whether going out of your way to pick up an item is worth the detour is also a part of the experience. 

What are the controls for Into Space?

This exciting space-program simulation is optimized for both PC and mobile devices, and the choice of platform you want to fly Into Space with is entirely up to you. Use the WASD or arrow keys to control the spacecraft if playing on a PC device, and tap and hold the easily discerned arrow buttons on mobile.


  • An exciting spacecraft launching simulation
  • Humble yet eye-catching 2D graphics
  • Slow and rewarding progression

Release date

January 2022


Barbarian Games


All devices

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