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Game Master Gun preview
Game Master Gun preview

Master Gun

Master Gun

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9.0(61 votes)

Master Gun

Welcome to Master Gun, a hyper-casual runner game that promises a heart-racing experience with every shot fired. This game takes you into a fast-paced world where your goal is more than just dodging obstacles; it's about blasting through them! Your journey in Master Gun involves shooting at obstacles and doors, collecting chargers to load your gun, and constantly upgrading your weapon to evolve and become more powerful.

How to play Master Gun?

In Master Gun you start with a basic pistol and work your way through obstacle-laden tracks to collect points and money. The game is about strategically moving your gun to shoot ammo barrels, unlock upgrades, and pass through advantageous gates while avoiding detrimental ones. The green gates increase your fire rate and range bonus, but be wary of red gates as they can reduce your weapon's effectiveness. Each level concludes with shooting money stands, and the more powerful your gun, the more stands you can shoot down, earning more money for upgrades.

What are the controls for Master Gun?

Click with the Left Mouse Button or tap with mobile devices and hold to aim and shoot at obstacles and doors. Move your hand towards chargers to collect them, enhancing your gun's power and abilities. Additionally, there's an upgrade button you can click to evolve your gun, unlocking new features and capabilities.


  • Colorful 3D graphics: Immerse yourself in a visually appealing 3D environment
  • Different obstacles: Challenge yourself with a variety of obstacles to overcome
  • Entertaining and challenging gameplay: Enjoy a game that's easy to learn but hard to master
  • Different weapons to unlock: Progress through the game to unlock more powerful weapons
  • Intuitive controls: Easy-to-use controls that make the game accessible to all players
  • Different weapon stats to upgrade: Enhance your gameplay by upgrading various weapon attributes

Release date

December 2023




All devices

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