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Math Duck

There’s no equation too difficult or a level too complicated for the ingenious and parkour-savvy Math Duck — an unlikely 2D platform game protagonist. This game features minimalistic pixelated graphics, arcade-styled sound effects, and unexpectedly challenging gameplay, considering the seemingly simple design. It’s not enough to just solve all the problems you’re dealing with, you must act quickly, too!

The objective of each level is to solve a couple of simple equations by collecting cubes with adequate numbers on them in the correct order. Let’s be frank: you don’t have to be a brainiac to solve math problems. However, only after successfully tackling them will you find the key that spawns and unlocks the door, allowing you to progress to the next level. And you have only 10 seconds to do it all!

How to play Math Duck

Sometimes there’s more than one way of solving the equations and since time is of the essence it’s crucial to find the most elegant solution. To get a better understanding of which method is the best, you must first locate the key, so on the first couple of attempts focus purely on doing the math correctly.

Fortunately, before you start moving you have an unlimited amount of time to devise a solid game plan, so use it wisely to think about the mistakes made in the previous tries and eliminate them.

What are the controls for Math Duck?

You can play Math Duck on both PC and mobile devices.

Use the arrow or WASD keys to move the duckling if playing on a PC. 

On mobile, tap and hold the side arrows to move left or right, and tap the up arrow to jump.


  • A minimalistic 2D platform game with a unique twist
  • Equations to solve, a key to collect, and a door to open
  • 18 challenging levels to complete, each within 10 seconds

Release date

September 2022


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All devices

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