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Calling all robot enthusiasts, Mechabots is your playground! In this dynamic 2D game, you don't just play with robots; you build them from scratch. In this case, not just any robots, but awe-inspiring, fierce robot dinosaurs. Armed with an array of tools and your ingenuity, your mission is to bring a pile of robo-parts to life, all while polishing your mechanics skills.

How to play Mechabots

Mechabots is your gateway into the thrilling world of robotic engineering. Weld body parts, snip and shape metal pieces, polish the metallic body for a shiny finish. You’ll assemble powerful limbs, fit a vertebrae-based tail, and oil all the parts for smooth operation. Fit your Dino with guns, a flamethrower, and even rockets! Remember, it’s not just about building, but building well. Your score depends on your meticulousness and precision in assembly.

What are the controls for Mechabots?

Mechabots' controls are seamless, whether on desktop or mobile. Desktop users can point, click, and drag with ease, selecting parts and shaping their robotic warrior with a flick of the wrist. Mobile users can tap, drag, and swipe to piece together their robo-dino, readying it for battle. Mechabots puts the control in your hands, literally!


  • Engaging 2D environment perfect for lovers of mechanics and robotics.
  • Build your robot dinosaur using various tools and parts.
  • Immersive game mechanics that mirror actual robot assembly.
  • Score points based on the precision of your assembly.
  • Ability to take your dino for a spin once it’s assembled.

Mechabots is an exciting fusion of creativity, strategy, and mechanics. Whether you're a budding roboticist or just love a good build, Mechabots is the game for you. Let your mechanical adventure begin!

Release date

August 2020


Terminarch Games


All devices

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