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Money Movers 2

The two infamous brothers had escaped prison and started living normal lives, but once they received a letter from their father who is in jail they couldn’t say no, and the saga of Money Movers 2 begins! It’s time to put their unique sets of skills to good use once again and perform another successful prison break!

This exciting 2D platform brain game is created for 2-player co-op since each of the characters has specific strengths and weaknesses that must be alternately used to complete each level. You can definitely do it solo, too, but it’s way more fun if there’s a mate by your side.

How to play Money Movers 2

The little brother is an agile character who can jump surprisingly high and squeeze through many narrow hatches. The big bro is chunky and not very quick, but his strength allows him to pick up and throw various useful objects which is an essential ability in many levels. Pay attention to the paintings on the walls since the newly introduced game mechanics are visually explained in them.

What are the controls for Money Movers 2?

You can play Money Moves 2 on both PC and mobile devices, but the 2-player co-op remains a PC browser exclusive.

Tap and hold the arrow buttons to move the selected character on mobile, and tap the swap character button to control the other bro.

The PC controls for big/little bro are shown below:

  • Movement — arrow/WASD keys

Big bro only controls:

  • Pick up objects — arrow down
  • Throw objects — space


  • Two bros team up to break their dad out of prison
  • A coordinated effort and teamwork are necessary for success
  • 2-player co-op (PC only) or single-player gameplay
  • 20 brain-stimulating levels, eye-catching graphics, and funky music

Release date

November 2017




All devices

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