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Moto Maniac

Moto Maniac is a skill-based 2D crosser driving simulation featuring 20 challenging levels in which you’ll ride the motorbike across various obstacles scattered around the docks to reach the finish line. There are plenty of cargo boxes, barrels, narrow platforms, and even boats you must ride across to complete the stages, and this feat requires top-tier balancing skills.

You must avoid plunging into the water or falling on your head, and it may take some time until you’ve mastered the delicate art of dirt bike riding, especially in such an extraordinary environment. The game keeps track of your total playtime, and the goal is to complete all the stages as quickly as possible.

How to play Moto Maniac

The gameplay revolves around tilting your bike left or right while carefully controlling the throttle lever to avoid crashing. Tackling obstacles at full speed will rarely provide desired results, so you need to think things through before attempting certain stunts.

If you want to ride like a pro, you must be gentle with the controls, especially when combining riding and tilting the bike at the same time. If you hold any of the two longer than necessary, you’ll most likely crash.

What are the controls for Moto Maniac?

You can play Moto Maniac on both mobile and PC devices. On mobile, tap and hold the buttons to drive the motorbike forward or in reverse and tilt it left or right.

PC controls:

  • Drive forward — arrow up or W key
  • Drive in reverse/brake — arrow down or S key
  • Tilt left — arrow left or A key
  • Tilt right — arrow right or D key
  • Pause — P


  • Physics-based 2D motorbike platform driving
  • Plenty of obstacles to overcome at the docks
  • Riding like a pro demands a gentle touch
  • Up to 20 challenging levels

Release date

November 2019




All devices

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