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Play Time — Toy Horror Store

Play Time – Toy Horror Store is an FPS online action game where you must collect lost items from the doomed halls, free people from nightmarish fiends, defend yourself against the scary Huggy Wuggies, and finally… escape. Hiding from your enemies is not an option here. Shoot them down and move! Make your way to the exit, watch out for your health, and do not let them get you. The game is available in three difficulties — Easy, Medium, and Hard if you really like to suffer.

How to play Toy Horror Store?

There are four main ways to play the game: surviving for one, two, or four minutes (depending on which difficulty you pick), collecting lost items, finding and freeing people, and killing a certain number of Huggy Wuggies. It all comes down to exploring these claustrophobic halls and surviving.

What are the controls for Play Time - Toy Horror Store?

The controls are basic and intuitive; use the WASD keys for movement, the left click to shoot, Left Shift to run, Ctrl for crouching, and the F key for interacting with items, doors, and the environment. There is no need to reload your weapon; you get pretty much all the ammo you might need to survive.


  • Over 60 levels of horror
  • Easy controls to understand
  • Good 3D models and textures
  • Immersive and haunting environments

Release date

January 2023




All devices

Game Play Time — Toy Horror Store preview
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