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Game Skate Hooligans preview
Game Skate Hooligans preview

Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans

Theatre mode
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Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans is an addicting runner game, very similar to the smash hit Subway Surfers. Avoid the trains, pick up boosts, and play endlessly!

How to play Skate Hooligans?

Skate Hooligans, just like Subway Surfers, is an easy game to play. Your objective is to outrun a relentless police constable as you dash through a subway system. While being chased, you’ll have to dodge trains, jump over or roll through obstacles, collect coins, and jump across train tracks - all to avoid getting captured. Score the most points you can to set a new high score and show up on the top of the leaderboard!

As you collect coins, you’ll be able to purchase and upgrade boosts that’ll help you in your chase. Some are more valuable than others like the magnet boost. This amazing boost attracts all nearby coins allowing you to accumulate wealth and progress through the game quickly. Skate Hooligans also has daily missions you can complete to gain more coins. These missions are relatively easy to complete with some being as simple as picking up powerups during your playthrough.

What are the controls for Skate Hooligans?

The controls for Skate Hooligans and Subway Surfers are the same, very straightforward.

If you’re playing on desktop, you’ll be using the WASD keys as your directional controls. Press W to jump, S to roll through obstacles, A to move toward the left and D to move toward the right. To use the hoverboard, press the spacebar key.

On mobile, you’ll have to swipe in the direction you wish to move in. Double tap to bring out the hoverboard!


  • Endless game! Skate Hooligans is an endless game. If you get caught by the police constable or get run over by a train you can simply just start over!
  • Personalization! Unlock new skins for your character by purchasing them in the “Me” section on the main menu. These skins do not offer a competitive advantage but they look absolutely amazing!
  • Leaderboard! Invite your friends and compete against them to see who can make the highest score! Leaderboards reset every week so if you don’t end up on the top, don’t worry as you can try again next week!

Release date

May 2017




All devices

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