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Game Soldier Legend preview
Game Soldier Legend preview

Soldier Legend

Soldier Legend

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Soldier Legend

Prepare to defend the Earth in Soldier Legend, an exhilarating 2D shooting game that's all about fast reflexes, sharp shooting, and quick decision-making. As a solo soldier, you'll face off against green blob-like alien monsters that aim to overrun our planet. Can you jump, dodge, and shoot your way to victory? Let's find out!

How to Play Soldier Legend

In Soldier Legend, you're a one-man army pitted against relentless alien invaders. Your job is to wipe out the green monsters and dodge the bombs dropped by their nefarious alien spaceships hovering above. Remember to collect the shiny coins left behind by defeated monsters. Use them to buy deadlier weapons, such as a shotgun, laser gun, bazooka, and even a Gatling gun. These powerful toys will help you fight intergalactic foes even more efficiently. And don't forget about your special abilities — lay mines, call for air support, and deploy sentry turrets when things start to get hairy.

What are the Controls for Soldier Legend?

Soldier Legend offers user-friendly controls for both PC and mobile users. On a PC, aim with your mouse and click to fire. Navigate the battlefield using the left and right keys, and leap into the air with the up key, dodging attacks and taking the fight to the enemy.

On mobile, aim and fire with a tap, sidestep with a swipe, and bound into the air with an upward swipe. Soldier Legend is all about speed, reflexes, and exhilarating fun!


  • Action-packed 2D shooting against relentless aliens. 
  • Simple controls with mouse or touchscreen. 
  • Multiple weapons to unlock with coins. 
  • Acrobatic jumps for evasion and attack. 

So, get ready to jump right into the action! Soldier Legend is a test of your shooting skills, agility, and your ability to think on your feet. Let's show these alien monsters what we're made of!

Release date

October 2018




All devices

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