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Streets of Anarchy: Fists of War

In the times of violent riots, people need daring, capable, and responsible policemen, and in Streets of Anarchy: Fists of War, you’re the one! Enforce laws by smacking down angry mobs Shaolin style to protect the peaceful citizens from the angry anarchists.

Playing this amazing street fighter may make you a bit nostalgic about the golden days of 2D arcade fighting games — if you’re old enough to remember them. If you don’t have an idea what we’re talking about, this game will give you an accurate representation of how it used to feel back in the day.

How to play Streets of Anarchy: Fists of War

Just like in any arcade fighting game, success entirely depends on your reaction times and knowledge of the character’s capabilities. There are several combos and moves you can perform, but the most fun part is figuring them all out yourself. The one who lands the first punch in a brawl usually wins it.

Weapons dropped by the rioters can be picked up by walking over them, and you won’t be able to use your punch while carrying an item. The food enemies will drop will heal you. Don’t pick it up while you’re at full HP and waste a precious resource, but save it for a potentially necessary retreat.

What are the controls for Streets of Anarchy: Fists of War?

Streets of Anarchy: Fists of War is not yet available on mobile web, but you can play it for free in a PC browser.

  • Move — arrow keys
  • Jump — spacebar
  • Punch — Z
  • Kick — X
  • Defend — C
  • Pause — P


  • An amazing street fighting 2.5D arcade game
  • Radical law enforcement to protect the citizens
  • Addictive and enjoyable gameplay

Release date

September 2018





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