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Game Run Ninja Run preview
Game Run Ninja Run preview

Run Ninja Run

Run Ninja Run

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9.8(47 votes)

Run Ninja Run

The enemy clan holds you captive, but they have forgotten you’re an expert escape and martial artist, so the hectic Run Ninja Run begins. This is not an ordinary platform-running game. It features RPG elements such as stat Upgrades and Achievements, hypnotizing trigger-happy sound effects, and awesome high-flying kicks to one-shot your enemies with.

The pleasant graphics complemented by the Japanese-themed background music, make for a highly immersive experience. After just a couple of levels, the gameplay already becomes quite challenging, so you better prepare to die, a lot. The controls do feel really fluid and responsive, though, so it’s really all up to you to make the right moves.

How to play Run Ninja Run

Constant improvements and the meticulous use of movement controls are the keys to victory in any platform-running game. You’re bound to fail more than a couple of times, so it’s important to make the best of every attempt and look at it as a chance to learn something new. Your ability to avoid making the same mistakes all over again is half the victory.

Judging whether you need to perform a single or double jump is particularly important when you’re hopping over successive gaps. Keep in mind that you can use the flying kick as a gap closer, too. Improve your Jump, Sliding, and Attacks somewhat evenly to progress through the campaign more smoothly.

What are the controls for Run Ninja Run?

Unfortunately, Run Ninja Run is still awaiting mobile optimization, and you can currently play it exclusively in a PC browser. Press the Spacebar to attack, the arrow up key to jump or double jump, and the arrow key down to perform a sliding kick.


  • An exquisite 2D platform-running action
  • Ninja flying kicks and RPG elements
  • Pleasant visuals and captivating sounds

Release date

February 2023





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