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Game Stupid Zombies 2 preview
Game Stupid Zombies 2 preview

Stupid Zombies 2

Stupid Zombies 2

Theatre mode
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Stupid Zombies 2

Immerse yourself in the fun, high-stakes world of Stupid Zombies 2, where each bullet ricochets and every level offers a new thrill against the shambling hordes of the undead.

How to Play Stupid Zombies 2

The Stupid Zombies are back, more determined than ever, and it’s your task to put them back in their graves. With 150 exciting levels to conquer, 75 set in a mysterious lab, and the other 75 taking you through the treacherous city streets, the game offers varying environments to keep you hooked. Your mission is straightforward — aim and shoot the zombies. The twist? Your bullets bounce off walls like in a game of Tetris, allowing you to strategize and plan your shots for maximum impact. Additionally, each successful zombie hit rewards you with points, adding an extra layer of competition to the mix.

What are the Controls for Stupid Zombies 2?

The controls for Stupid Zombies 2 are refreshingly simple, whether you’re on a PC or a mobile device. On a computer, aim your gun using your mouse and then left-click to fire. If you’re on a mobile device, simply tap where you want to shoot. The gameplay experience is particularly smooth and responsive on mobile, making every level a delightful challenge to conquer.


  • Level Variety: Complete 150 levels, set in a chilling lab or a decaying city. 
  • Ricochet Shooting: Sharpen your shooting skills as bullets bounce off walls to hit zombies. 
  • Eerie Environments: Dive into the atmospheric settings that heighten the game’s suspense.
  • Quick Kills: Aiming for the head ensures faster zombie kills. 
  • Score Points: Each kill earns you points to fuel your fight.

With Stupid Zombies 2, your cunning is as crucial as your aim. It’s time to pick up the pace, keep the bullets flying, and score points with every successful headshot. Ready, set, shoot!

Release date

February 2023




All devices

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