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Tank Off

Tank Off is an epic capture-the-flag battle featuring an unrealistic physics engine, awesome 3D graphics, and wildly entertaining gameplay. The tanks in this game can reach astounding speeds, which allows them to soar through the air and occasionally become flying war machines. We’re not sure if this strange behavior is caused by a weakened gravity field or some unknown cutting-edge propulsion system, it’s certainly highly entertaining playing in such a crazy environment.

The graphics and sound effects are designed with great attention to detail and manage to provide an incredibly immersive experience. There are 6 maps available to choose from, and the single encounter is limited to 8 minutes total. Additionally, you can upgrade various tank stats to improve your war machine’s performance across multiple battlegrounds even further. 

How to play Tank Off?

The arrow floating above your tank’s turret shows the direction of your current objective, whether it’s the flag you’re supposed to capture or your base to return to once you’ve done the first half of the quest. You don’t have to move toward the enemy base because you can choose to defend your own and secure the advantage for your team from there.

It’s really hard to hit anything while driving at full speed, so if you want to be a lethal shooter, it’s better to find an advantageous position and hunt for unsuspecting enemy tanks from there.

What are the controls for Tank Off?

You can play Tank Off exclusively in a PC browser. Use the WASD keys to drive the tank, the Shift key to use the turbo propulsion, the left mouse button to shoot, and the right mouse button to aim.


  • An epic 3D capture-the-flag tank battles
  • Incredibly fast, agile, and sometimes even flying tanks
  • Up to 6 maps and tank stat upgrades

Release date

June 2021


Martian Games



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