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Game Tiki Taka Toe preview
Game Tiki Taka Toe preview

Tiki Taka Toe

Tiki Taka Toe

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Tiki Taka Toe

Tiki Taka Toe, also known as Footy Tic Tac Toe, is an inventive spin on the classic game of Tic Tac Toe, enriched with the excitement and strategy of football. It allows players to combine their love of football with tactical tic tac toe -style gameplay. This game was popularized on TikTok in 2021 and has since become a favorite among football enthusiasts.

How to play Tiki Taka Toe?

  1. Understand the Objective: Align three football-themed markers (X or O) in a row, column, or diagonal on a 3x3 grid
  2. Choose Your Markers: Instead of regular Xs and Os, players use football players as markers. You'll need to select players based on the football-related criteria assigned to each square
  3. Make Strategic Moves: Plan your moves to align your markers while also blocking your opponent

What are the controls for Tiki Taka Toe?

  • Mouse Clicks or Touch Screen: Select the grid squares
  • Keyboard: Type in the names of football players


  • Unique blend of Tic Tac Toe and football trivia
  • Requires knowledge of football players and clubs
  • Play on the same device with a friend or go online
  • Strategy and quick thinking required

Release date

April 2024




All devices

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