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Game Tunnel Runner preview
Game Tunnel Runner preview

Tunnel Runner

Tunnel Runner

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Tunnel Runner

Move at mind-boggling speeds across tubes and shafts in the fast-paced first-person obstacle-avoiding game Tunnel Runner! When gravity isn’t a factor, you can move along the entire 360 degrees of the cylinder’s cross-section effortlessly to avoid all the obstacles ahead. There are a total of 1,000 levels, and the transition between them is seamless, creating a feeling of playing an endless game.

The graphics in Tunnel Runner are incredible, the music is enticing, and the gameplay is exciting. Due to its fast-paced nature and immersive first-person perspective, playing this game might make you feel a bit dizzy, but the thrills you get from it make it all worth it. The further you get, the more difficult the level design becomes, so you’re in for a wild and enjoyable ride!

How to play Tunnel Runner

To excel at this fast-paced obstacle-avoiding game, you must act instinctively because there isn’t too much time to think. Getting used to this shouldn’t be too difficult — stay locked in and go with the flow. Try picking up the information about the obstacles ahead as soon as they appear on the screen. Doing this will help you make the right split-second decisions.

What are the controls for Tunnel Runner?

Tunnel Runner is PC-optimized, but you can play it on mobile, too, although you won’t be able to perform a 180-degree flip on a touchscreen device. Use the A/D or left/right arrow keys to move across the circular cross-section of the tube/tunnel and the spacebar to perform the flip. Tap the left or right side of a touchscreen device to move and avoid obstacles ahead on mobile.


  • A 3D first-person obstacle-avoiding space game
  • Dizzying speeds, catchy music, captivating gameplay
  • A total of 1,000 progressively more challenging levels

Release date

September 2021


Drmop Games


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