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Game Anime Battle 4 preview
Game Anime Battle 4 preview

Anime Battle 4

Anime Battle 4

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Anime Battle 4

Anime Battle 4 is an action-packed anime fighting game that brings together heroes from various anime series. This version is the very latest 4.3 update with 6 new additional characters.

How to play Anime Battle 4?

Anime Battle 4 involves selecting your favorite character from a diverse cast of 27 heroes from different anime or literary series. Each character comes with unique attack skills and special effects. The game offers several modes, including solo play against the computer, competitive play against a friend, or cooperative play. To excel in Anime Battle 4, you should practice your techniques and perfect your strategy to emerge victorious from the fights.

Some of the notable characters you can find in these games include Kirito from "Sword Art Online", characters from the classic "Rurouni Kenshin" series, and Naoto Kurogane and Jin Kisaragi from "BlazBlue Alter Memory". The update 4.3 of the game introduced 6 new characters from the manga "BlazBlue Alter Memory", including Ragna the Bloodedge and Azrael.

What are the controls for Anime Battle 4?

For Player 1:

  • A/D: Move
  • S: Defend
  • J: Attack
  • K: Jump
  • L: Dodge
  • U/I/O: Special Skills

For Player 2, the controls are similar but use different keys (usually arrow keys for movement and numeric keys for actions).


  • Array of characters from different anime series
  • Multiple gameplay modes including solo, versus, and co-op
  • Special techniques and attacks for each character

Release date

February 2024





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