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Game Basketball Arcade preview
Game Basketball Arcade preview

Basketball Arcade

Basketball Arcade

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Basketball Arcade

Practice your jump shots from the first-person perspective and score points from all spots on the court in Basketball Arcade! A 90-second training session features 2 racks, each holding 10 balls. Your aim is to pick up and release them with precision, aiming for the highest possible score. Playing on the streetball court is always exciting, so do your best to impress the crowd!

The hooper you’re controlling has impressive upper body strength and may often shoot the ball far above the backboard if you’re a slow shooter. Once you pick up the ball, the shot power bar starts filling up immediately, so you must act quickly to move the aim indicator toward the basket before releasing it at just the right time.

How to play Basketball Arcade

Forget about making layups and mid-range shots in this game because you’ll rarely have the time for a release before the power bar exceeds the range of your shot. The distance each shot will cover is shown in the power bar on the right side of the screen.

Besides the game clock and points scored at the top of your screen, there’s an indicator that shows how far your character is positioned from the hoop. If the power of the jump shot exceeds the range you’re supposed to cover, aim slightly below the basket to compensate and improve the chances of scoring a bucket.

What are the controls for Basketball Arcade?

You can play Basketball Arcade exclusively in a PC browser. Use the WASD keys to move, the spacebar to jump, move the mouse to aim your jumper at the hoop, and the left mouse button to determine the power of your jump shot.


  • 3D first-person basketball arcade game
  • Full-court jump shot practice
  • 90 seconds and 2 racks with 10 balls each

Release date

June 2019





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