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Basketball Line

Step into the lively realm of Basketball Line, a distinct 2D arcade game that skillfully combines the exhilaration of basketball with the enchantment of sketching. More than just a traditional hoops showdown, Basketball Line offers an unusual fusion of sports, timing, and creativity, setting the stage for an endless escapade teeming with action and fun.

How to play Basketball Line

In Basketball Line, your goal is to sink the ball, but with an imaginative twist. As a basketball descends from the top of the screen, your role is to conjure up a guiding line to lead the ball into the hoop. It may seem simple, but hold your breath when you face explosives blocking your path! These bombs add a riveting challenge, requiring you to time your drawings perfectly to dodge them and score. Stay sharp for the green hexagons along your route; snatching these will earn you extra points!

What are the controls for Basketball Line?

Basketball Line delivers a user-friendly experience, requiring nothing more than drawing lines with your mouse or finger (for mobile users). By timing your drawings appropriately, you will swiftly master the game and find yourself making basket after basket with ease.


  • Unique blend of basketball and drawing gameplay
  • Synchronization challenge to avoid bombs and score baskets
  • Collect green hexagons for extra points
  • Intuitive controls accessible for all ages

Basketball Line is the intersection of creativity and sport, where each stroke of your sketch guides you toward triumph. Embark on this unique hoop-scoring journey and see how many baskets you can make! Embrace the game and remember, timing is everything!

Release date

June 2018




All devices

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