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Game Battalion Commander preview
Game Battalion Commander preview

Battalion Commander

Battalion Commander

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Battalion Commander

Battalion Commander is an exquisite single-player avoidance shooter featuring a captivating game design, eye-catching 2D graphics, fluid animations, and wickedly challenging gameplay. The overall experience resembles that of an epic retro arcade shooter — Chicken Invaders, for example — but it’s much more complex, harder, and better.

The commander you control moves north to break through the enemy defenses while releasing friendly captives. Each soldier you save stands by your side, increasing your squad’s strength and firepower. There are 100 excruciatingly long missions, 10 upgrade tiers, and an additional Endless Mode for the extreme tryhards.

How to play Battalion Commander

You don’t have to kill all the enemies on your path to victory, but if you ignore too many of them, the incoming fire might become too difficult to avoid. It’s essential to learn the attack patterns of enemy infantry, bunkers, and mechanized units to dodge the missiles effectively.

If the main character dies, the playthrough ends, so you can afford to sacrifice a couple of squad members here and there. If you lose too many of them early, however, it’s going to be nigh impossible to confront the ever-growing number of enemy troops later on with sufficient firepower.

What are the controls for Battalion Commander?

Battalion Commander is playable on both PC and mobile devices. 

On a PC, use the mouse pointer to guide the squad through the enemy-swarmed road, and click on the easily discerned icons to use special abilities. 

Hold your finger anywhere on the touchscreen while playing on mobile, move it to control the squad, and tap on the ability icons to use them.


  • A truly amazing 2D action shooter with RPG elements
  • Diverse enemy soldiers, mechanized units, and bunkers
  • 100 missions and an additional Endless mode
  • Challenging gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and fantastic sound effects

Release date

May 2020




All devices

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