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Game Battalion Commander 2 preview
Game Battalion Commander 2 preview

Battalion Commander 2

Battalion Commander 2

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Battalion Commander 2

Battalion Commander 2 is an extraordinary 2D avoidance action shooter featuring highly addictive gameplay, eye-catching visuals, RPG elements, and an overall awesome game design. You’re controlling a squad leader progressing through the battlefield lane north, encountering armed-to-the-teeth enemy units along the way.

There are 48 seamlessly connected missions, so it’ll feel like you’re playing an endless game. Killing enemies earns you gold and experience, which you can spend on various leader and squad upgrades across 10 ranks (based on your current level). If you’ve got a couple of hours to spend perfecting your fine motor skills and strategic thinking, this is the perfect game for you!

How to play Battalion Commander 2

The leader and the squad fire their weapons automatically in predetermined patterns, as do the enemies, so learning them is the key to victory. Understand how to deal with all the enemies and prioritize eliminating the most threatening targets first.

You don’t have to kill all the enemies to progress through the battlefield, but making a habit of it will make things a lot harder further down the path. Dodging all the bullets is nigh impossible, so to avoid losing men left and right, you must use the movement controls very carefully.

What are the controls for Battalion Commander 2?

Battalion Commander 2 requires a great deal of meticulous movements, so we highly recommend playing it on a device you’re more proficient with. Move the mouse pointer to lead the squad if playing in a PC browser. Tap and hold anywhere while playing on a touchscreen device, then drag while holding to move.


  • The ultimate 2D avoidance RPR shooter
  • An awesome fine motor skills exercise
  • Army squad upgrades, 10 ranks, and 48 missions

Release date

January 2023




All devices

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