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Beaver's Blocks


Beaver's Blocks

If you’re looking for a puzzle game to entertain yourself on a cozy night, Beaver’s Blocks is exactly what you need! The goal of this relaxing festive game is to clear the 9x9 board as efficiently as possible and improve your all-time best score. You’ll be working with up to 3 pieces of different shapes and sizes simultaneously, and to free up the space, you must completely fill rows, columns, or 3x3 sub-squares. The game is over once there isn’t enough space on the board to place any of the Tetris-like blocks currently at your disposal.

How to play Beaver’s Blocks

It’s very important to use all three board-clearing methods explained in the tutorial when contemplating piece placement. If two blocks you want to get rid of are in no way complementary, consider positioning them on opposite sides of the board. Avoid creating small gaps that require very specific shapes to fill.

A sound beginner’s strategy is to focus primarily on clearing 3x3 squares. Even if you fail to do it initially, the board remains relatively clear, making this a safe start. Don’t dread when the pieces start to pile up, as this also creates additional opportunities for clearing entire rows or columns. Even in seemingly hopeless situations, a couple of fitting pieces can turn everything upside down and give you a chance to regain control.

What are the controls for Beaver’s Blocks?

Beaver’s Blocks is playable for free on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click, then hold and drag to place the given pieces on the board.


  • Cozy and relaxing Christmas-themed puzzle game
  • Various winning strategies to explore
  • Deceivingly simple yet very challenging gameplay

March 2023


Cross platform