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Game Parkour Block 5 preview
Game Parkour Block 5 preview

Parkour Block 5

Parkour Block 5

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Parkour Block 5

In Parkour Block 5, you're plunged into a block-world brimming with parkour challenges. This title, the fifth in the series, introduces new levels along with a Hardcore mode that tests your dexterity and precision. The game features indoor and outdoor dungeon crawls across a ton of levels, requiring players to masterfully navigate their avatar through a series of platforms to reach a purple portal.

Play the earlier versions here: Parkour Block 3D, Parkour Block 2, Parkour Block 3 & Parkour Block 4.

How to play Parkour Block 5?

Your goal is to guide your character across various platforms, facing obstacles and challenges along the way. The game's difficulty increases as you progress, adding more complex elements to navigate. A keen sense of timing and excellent hand-eye coordination are key to successfully moving your avatar, making jumps with agility and precision. The Hardcore and Speedrun modes add extra layers of challenge, where timing and quick reflexes are crucial.

What are the controls for Parkour Block 5?


  • Movement: Use Arrows or WASD keys to move
  • Jump: Press Spacebar to jump
  • Run: Hold L-Shift for longer jumps or runs
  • Pause/Menu: Press Esc to release the cursor


  • Use the mouse to navigate menus and adjust your viewpoint in the game


  • Tap and swipe on the screen for navigation and control


  • Hardcore and Speedrun modes
  • 60 challenging levels with a mix of indoor and outdoor environments
  • Engaging 3D block-style graphics inspired by Minecraft
  • A variety of platforms including brick and stone walls, columns, and shelves
  • Agility-based gameplay requiring precise timing and control
  • Progressive difficulty, unlocking levels as you advance

Release date

July 2023


Poly Games


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