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Brain For Monster Truck

Welcome to the exhilarating universe of Brain for Monster Truck, a brilliant fusion of thought-provoking puzzles and action. This extraordinary 2D game combines strategy and thrill as you navigate your monster truck through 24 enticing levels, making it a journey of both ingenuity and precision.

How to Play Brain for Monster Truck

The gameplay of Brain for Monster Truck is a delightful mix of simplicity and complexity. You are tasked with two main goals: collect the glittering stars dispersed throughout the levels and keep your truck's precious cargo secure. Your main tool? Your mouse, which you use to sketch your truck's path across varied terrain. Encounter a tricky path? No worries! The game's eraser tool allows you to undo and redraw the path, helping you refine your strategy and conquer the level.

What are the Controls for Brain for Monster Truck?

No matter your device, Brain for Monster Truck has you covered with intuitive controls. On a keyboard, use the left and right arrow keys to command the backward and forward movements of your truck. Meanwhile, your mouse turns into a magic pencil, allowing you to sketch out the best course for your monster truck. If you're on mobile, simple on-screen arrows replace the keyboard keys, while your finger becomes the brush, promising an engaging and dynamic gaming experience wherever you are!


  • Blend of puzzling and intense driving gameplay
  • Journey through 24 unique and challenging levels
  • Strategize by drawing your own paths
  • Eraser tool allows for easy path optimization

In Brain for Monster Truck, each star you gather and every path you sketch brings you closer to mastering this brain-teasing adventure. So, gear up and prepare to engage your strategic thinking and thirst for action in this enthralling game. It's time to unleash your creativity and rev up those engines!

Release date

November 2017




All devices

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