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Break Bricks 2 Player

Break Bricks 2 Player is a dynamic and colorful online browser game designed to provide fast-paced action and an exhilarating experience for players. It sets itself apart with a unique feature that allows two players to play simultaneously, splitting the screen in half and providing each player with their own set of pixel blocks or whimsical figures to demolish.

How to Play Break Bricks 2 Player?

The goal of Break Bricks 2 Player is to cut the bricks out of the cubes. The game starts with a ball toss. Players must maneuver the pixel white ball skillfully, ensuring it remains within the field and doesn't escape.

Simultaneously, they must control the platform to strike the ball and break the blocks. Players are tasked with demolishing all the pixel blocks or whimsical figures resembling fruits and other objects on their side of the screen. During the game, numerous bonuses appear which players must catch using the platform. These bonuses can significantly help in completing the level.

In the single-player mode, players have three attempts in each part. In the two-player game, players battle it out for five rounds.

What are the controls for Break Bricks 2 Player?

Player 1: A and D keys

Player 2: Left and Right arrow keys

These controls are used to maneuver the paddle, strike the balls, and demolish bricks.


  • Fast-paced, dynamic gameplay that keeps players engaged
  • Unique two-player mode that allows friends to play together, with the screen split in half for each player
  • Various shapes present in each part of the game, adding to the challenge and variety of gameplay
  • Upgrades that appear during gameplay, empowering players to smash through the bricks more effectively
  • The first player to break all their bricks emerges victorious in the two-player mode

Release date

April 2023


Y9 Games



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