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Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel is a unique time reaction game depending on your reflexes. You start in a color-changing tunnel with a piece of classical arcade music. Your main goal is to dodge fixed and moving obstacles that come in different shapes and sizes all the while your speed keeps increasing through the game. You need to be agile and predict your movements to avoid a head-bum crash.

How to play Color Tunnel

The game is a single-player adventure that only requires you to load the game and you are in. Click the start button whenever you are ready and prepare for speed!

A good tip is to make yourself comfortable, put your headphones on and dive into the speed of Color Tunnel to the best of your reflexes. After the first few tries, you might start to get the hang of it. It's like driving a car into a weird, fun, colorful dream!

What are the commands for Color Tunnel?

Commands are very simple: you can use the arrows on your keyboard or if you are using a smartphone or a tablet you simply tap left or right. Holding the command down will direct you to the given command. Simply clicking it once will slightly move you to the given command.


  • Single-player game
  • Modern arcade music
  • RTDM (real-time decision-making)
  • Enough color and fun to awaken your inner child

Release date

March 2018


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