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Connections word game is a daily challenge where players must identify links between words. In this word association game, you're presented with a collection of 16 different words. Your objective is to form four groups of four words, each group sharing a common connection or theme. This requires a combination of critical thinking, a good vocabulary, and often a bit of general trivia knowledge. The challenge lies in the game's limit of only four errors - once these are exhausted, you'll need to wait until the next day for a new puzzle. The game got popularized as NYT Connections Game, which itself seems to be an unacknowledged clone of the British original game Only Connect.

How to play Connections?

  1. Start by examining the 16 words presented in the game. Reflect on each word and consider potential connections they might share
  2. Group these words based on identified commonalities or themes. Be cautious, as some words might appear to fit in more than one category
  3. Select four words that you believe are connected and submit your answer. If you're correct, the words will be grouped, and the category will be revealed. If incorrect, a mistake will be marked
  4. The goal is to successfully categorize all words into their respective groups with less than four mistakes

What are the controls for NYT Connections?

  • Use your mouse or touchscreen to select words
  • Click on words to form groups
  • Use the Submit button to confirm your selections
  • Use the Shuffle button to rearrange the words, which might provide new insights


  • Four-error limit: adds an extra layer of challenge
  • Category-based grouping: test your trivia and vocabulary
  • Shuffle option: rearrange words for new perspectives
  • One chance per day: heightens the game's thrill and strategy

Release date

January 2024




All devices

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